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Shipping and Handling

High-Value Products

Not all cargo needs are the same.

If you have heavy, fragile items, Pacific Logistics & Relocation can create custom shipping and handling solutions to give you peace of mind. Not only are these items delicate but they also tend to be expensive. If anything happens to them in transit, it’s going to cost your business big time.

Because of this, you can’t afford to take the decision of high-value products shipping and handling lightly. You must choose a crew of experienced movers like the ones at Pacific Logistics & Relocation that are up for the challenge. Whether your items are being handled with our white glove services or being transported with our careful drivers behind the wheel, you can feel confident that all your items will arrive at the final destination safely.

How High-Value Products Shipping and Handling Works

Your items’ safe journey begins when we pick them up for our door-to-door service. Items made of different materials and of different shapes and sizes have different needs. Our crew members carefully choose the type of packing that will secure your products most effectively. If your goods are sensitive to temperature and atmosphere, we will adjust the conditions of our trucks and trailers accordingly so your items can arrive at the final destination in prime condition.

We carefully transport your items while operating our vehicles with every safety precaution. Keeping the transportation cost-effective is also important to us. We protect your bottom line!

Some items can also be negatively affected by weather conditions. We provide protected pickup and delivery options to ensure that all your items are safe from precipitation and harsh UV rays. If we need to, we’ll also clean off your items when they arrive so they are exactly what you’ve been expecting.

Discover the Shipping and Handling Solutions That are Right for Your High-Value Products

Regardless of how delicate your high-value products may be, you can expect maximum protection from our team to keep them safe. Rely on the expertise of Pacific Logistics & Relocation for all your high-value products shipping and handling.

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