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“We provide a seamless journey for every individual, family, or business we serve.”

Welcome to Pacific Logistics and Relocation, your premier logistics and relocation partner in Northern California. With a history dating back to 1856, we have the knowledge and experience to simplify the transition for our clients. We remain dedicated to meeting the ever-changing development and logistic needs of the Sacramento community by providing efficient and reliable end-to-end solutions.

Our Heritage

Founded by German-born Charles and Jacob Wagner during the Gold Rush, our company’s origins can be traced back to Pacific Leather Tannery in Stockton, California. In 1932, we transformed into Pacific Storage Company and became a Bekins Moving and Storage agent, growing into the second oldest and third largest Bekins agent in the United States.

Pacific Storage History

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Pacific Storage Company's origins date back to 1856 when it was known as Pacific Leather Tannery. German-born Charles and Jacob Wagner, attracted to the riches of California during the Gold Rush, established this business in Stockton on June 25th, 1856. Captain Charles M. Weber, the founder of Stockton, deeded an entire square city block for the Wagner family and Pacific Tannery.


Due to a decline in leather sales to foreign countries and a rise in freighting charges, Pacific Tannery converted its tanning facilities and entered the commodity storage business.


Pacific Storage Company introduced its office and relocation division, eventually becoming Pacific Logistics and Relocation.


Charles W. Wagner named Chairman of the Board of Pacific Storage Company


Spurred on by the gradual shift in demand towards logistics and distribution services, Pacific Logistics and Relocation was created in 2018


Pacific Storage Company became Bekins Shareholders


Pacific Storage Company occupied the original tannery site in Stockton as both a warehouse space and as their corporate headquarters until the end of 2022. They have since moved out.

Pacific Storage Company was founded with an old truck and a marvelous dream. While the old truck is long gone, the dream still lives on.

After leaving Bekins in 2017, we entered a new era. We discovered a growing demand for logistics and distribution services – and so in 2018, Pacific Logistics and Relocation was born. Motivated by this shift, we specialize in office and warehouse relocation, distribution, logistics and project management, decommissioning, and final mile delivery in Northern California.

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Our Mission

At Pacific Logistics & Relocation, our mission is simple: to provide exceptional logistics and relocation services that exceed client expectations. We strive to make the process as stress-free and seamless as possible, ensuring a positive experience for all our clients. We are dedicated to constantly improving and evolving our services to stay ahead of industry standards. Whether you're moving down the street or across the globe, we are committed to making your relocation a success.

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